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Welcome Chief Administrative Officer, Ani Xhemali!

Please join us in welcoming Ani (pronounced Ah-nee) Xhemali as HSP’s new Chief Administrative Officer. Ani comes to HSP from the First Judicial District of PA, where she spent the last seven years as Chief Financial Officer with the Office of Judicial Records. She held several positions during her 16-year career with the Judiciary, serving as Grants Manager, Records Retention Officer and Rule 509/Right to Know Officer. Ani is also a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps. She earned her bachelor’s in political science, English and history from Temple University and her MBA in finance from Drexel University. “I am very enthusiastic to join HSP and help forge stronger connections with our community,” she said. “History is crucial in understanding present day issues, asking deeper questions and increasing our sense of identity and belonging. I am looking forward to being part of HSP and its noble mission.” Ani started at the end of March and can be reached at

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