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Resurrecting Voices

The Philadelphia Black Experience

A Podcast by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania

A pilot podcast for HSP, Resurrecting Voices: The Philadelphia Black Experience explores Black history in Philadelphia in the 19th and 20th centuries.


The narratives of each episode are largely based on research conducted using the historical and genealogical collections at HSP and the Library of Congress. 

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New episodes of Resurrecting Voices drop every Second Saturday, beginning on February 10, 2024. Tune in to uncover the stories, resilient voices, and vibrant culture that shaped this pivotal period in history. Plus, hear from a genealogist about how you can use this history to find your own ancestors. 

Listen on Spotify, iHeart Radio, Apple Podcasts, or below.  


1. Remembering the Black Metropolis: Philadelphia in 1838 
            Featuring guest speaker Michiko Quinones 
            Release date: February 10, 2024

            Show Notes (including resource list, transcript & glossary)

2. Seeking Freedom: William Still and the Underground Railroad
            Featuring guest speaker Morgan Lloyd  
            Release date: March 9, 2024

            Show Notes (including resource list, transcript & glossary)

3. Moving North: Stories of the Great Migration

            Featuring guest speaker Adrienne Whaley   
            Release date: April 13, 2024

            Show Notes (including resource list, transcript & glossary)

Project Team

  • Selena Bemak, Project Director and Lead Host

  • Katy Bodenhorn BarnesGenealogist and Co-Host

  • Stephanye WattsProject Advisor 

  • Bella Kolic, Project Assistant and Audio Technician 

  • Kris Myers, Grants Manager

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Resurrecting Voices: The Philadelphia Black Experience is funded by a Connecting Communities Digital Initiative Libraries, Archives, & Museums award from the Library of Congress. 

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