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HSP hosts Councilmember Isaiah Thomas for Genealogical Consultation

On Tuesday, February 21, Philadelphia City Councilmember Isaiah Thomas stopped by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania for a genealogical consultation with HSP’s Director of Genealogical Programs and Services, Katy Bodenhorn Barnes.

Katy spent the past few weeks researching Councilmember Thomas’s family history, unearthing records from both his maternal and paternal sides. Through her research, Katy traced the Councilman’s family to Georgetown, South Carolina and to southwestern Alabama.

“When you recognize where you come from, your genealogy, and the sacrifices that people have already made for you to be where you are,” he said, “you just have a deeper appreciation for the moment that you’re in.”

View news coverage of the event here:

Interested in learning more about your own family history? Book your own genealogical consultation with Katy.



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