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Two Hundred Years

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1824-2024

Edited by David R. Brigham

Next year marks the 200th anniversary of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania! Founded in 1824 to collect “the evidences of the past,” HSP enters its third century eager to invite the public to use the past to understand the present. 

Venture into our collection with Two Hundred Years: The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1824-2024 (Ed. David R. Brigham)the first book to survey the more than twenty-one million documents, newspapers, graphics, and rare books in HSP's archive. The book presents 100 essays by 62 contributing authors, highlighting carefully preserved artifacts, spanning the seventeenth to the late twentieth century.

The book will be available for pre-sale on October 21, 2023. Please send us a note that you are interested with this form below.

Two Hundred Years_Jacket_Final_edited.jpg

The publication of Two Hundred Years: the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1824-2024 was made possible through the generous support of the Richard C. Von Hess Foundation. 

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