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Share Your COVID-19 Story Through HSP!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Now’s the time to live HSP's slogan. We are in unprecedented times and we must document our experiences. This is where you come in! More than 200 years ago Dr. Benjamin Rush tirelessly studied the Yellow Fever epidemic that swept through Philadelphia. His writings can be studied here and at our sister organization, the Library Company of Philadelphia. Another important part of our collections are the letters and diaries of everyday American citizens who detailed their experiences during the late 18th century epidemic, allowing us to learn important lessons about how society handled such a challenge. Whether a medical worker on the frontlines, conducting virtual homeschooling, or simply following stay at home guidelines, we are asking that you fulfill this role. Are you keeping a journal? Are you saving news clippings? Would you be willing to write a few paragraphs on your experience? Tell us about how it has affected you, your family, and your community. What’s your opinion about how our country has handled the pandemic? Do you agree with the mandates handed down by our governing bodies? Do you know someone who tested positive for the virus? How have you replaced in person socialization? What are your visions for recovery? E-mail us at about how to send in physical items or simply attach a digital file. We hope you’ll join us in this important effort to document these trying times so that both our successes and failures become evident to future generations of Americans.

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