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Past Made Personal
Full-Service Genealogy Research

Frustrated by obstacles such as a common surname, unreliable online trees, language barriers, or international migration? Let HSP’s professional genealogist research your family history in Pennsylvania and beyond, with specialized knowledge and access to millions of records. 

Tell us what you’d like to know, and we’ll use our skills and training to 

conduct the necessary, high-quality historical research. We will consult a wide variety of sources from HSP’s library to genealogy databases and other archives and libraries, as needed. 


Upon completion of the project, you’ll receive not only personalized research, but a written report, copies of documents and/or photos found, and a tree and charts illustrating our findings. An optional, private post-project video call with the researcher to talk through the results will also be available. 

 Additional add-ons for purchase can include: 

  •  Priority rush service (20% of base project price; some restrictions apply) 


Available base packages are as follows:  


  • Basic (25 hours) = $2,500 

  • Standard (50 hours) = $5,000 

  • Extensive (75 hours) = $7,500 

  • Deep Dive (100 hours) = $10,000 

Friends of HSP receive the following discounts according to patronage level: 


  • Researcher/Young Friend level = 5% 

  • Patron level = 10% 

  • Supporter level = 15% 

  • Contributor level = 20% 

Interested in researching on your own but need help getting started or moving past a brick wall? Katy also offers advice through one-on-one genealogy consultations

For Past Made Personal: Please note that turnaround time is minimum 6 weeks, with larger projects typically taking longer. Each family and each project is different, and a personalized approach often comes with unique needs and challenges. Quality work takes time. Your patience is appreciated.  

In the event we must order documents for a fee from other institutions, the first $100 per research block is complimentary. Any additional document fees will be billed to the client separately. 

Please submit research requests via the form below or by email to  

Past Made Personal Research Information Form

Thank you for your interest in our Past Made Personal genealogical research service.  Please complete the form below and someone will contact you back.  If you have any questions, please email Katy Barnes, Director of Genealogical Programs and Services, at

Thank you! We will be in touch shortly.

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