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National History Day Philadelphia


National History Day is an award winning academic program for 6th-12th grade students. Students who participate in National History Day develop valuable research, communication, and critical thinking skills via primary source research. They hone an argument and support it with evidence, and they describe the impact of their topic on the world today.

NHD Philly is free to all Philadelphia County schools and students. Discover HSP’s resources for students and teachers below.

NHD is history by students today so they can make history tomorrow.
2024 is the 50th Anniversary of National History Day! Find out about 2024’s theme, “Turning Points,” and how your students can join the celebration.
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HSP is proud to be one of dozens of Philadelphia cultural institutions who bring NHD to Philadelphia's students. Learn more about the program and the regional contest.

National History Day Philly is made possible by a grant from the Connelly Foundation.

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