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Template: Index Page

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This is room to describe the Index Page topic.

An Index Page is a variation of a Landing Page that includes tools to search for a subset of the available tiles. You configure it like a Landing Page - indeed, an Index Page uses the Landing Page Collection in the same way as a Landing Page. So these instructions start out the same.

To use this template:

  • Copy (or duplicate) this page and give it a new name. (Let's call it "NewPage.")

  • On the Page Settings dialog, choose the SEO tab and change the "What is the last part of the page URL" value to /newpage. If you have to reference this page in another landing page, you'll use /newpage in its Repeater. (see below)

  • The Repeater - tiles in the middle of the page - is connected to a Database (Collection) called "Landing Page" via a Buffer (Dataset) called "Landing Page Dataset." There is one row in the Landing Page Collection for each tile on each landing page. The fields of the row describe the Title, Blurb, Image, Destination (URL), Sort Order, and Landing Page Name of each tile. Add one row for each tile on NewPage.

  • On "NewPage," find the "Landing Page" Dataset and click on Settings. Find the Filters and change the filter to select only the rows with Landing Page Name equal to NewPage. This tells the Dataset to only pull the rows of the Collection that belong on NewPage. Use Sort Order to have the tiles appear in the order you desire.

With the Landing Page created, you can add the search functions. Use code to connect _change functions for each control to the appropriate filtering operation of the Dataset.

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