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Finding Aids

Finding Aids provide background information, descriptions, and inventories for our collections. In addition to those that are available for use in our library, we are working to make finding aids available online as well. Below are Finding Aids currently available online, and they represent only a small portion of our holdings.  Many of our collections do not have Finding Aids but please check back often as new finding aids are regularly added.  Information on all of HSP's collections is available in our online catalog Discover. The Balch Manuscript Guide provides links to other online Finding Aids.

You can search the list of Finding Aids using:

  • A text match of the title of the Finding Aid. For example, "Armenian" would return all finding aids that contain the word "Armenian" in their title.

  • The range of years that you are interested in. Most Finding Aids describe a specific period. If you do not specify years, finding aids for all years are returned.

From Year:

To Year:


Abraham Barker collection on the Free Military School for Applicants for the Command of Colored Troops, circa 1863-1895 (Collection 1968)

Abrahams, Florence Kohn. Genealogical research materials, circa 1950s-mid 1970s (GSP020)

Ah Wan. Document, 1860 (SC095)

Akerboom, Jack. Genealogy collection, circa 1984-circa 1998 (Collection 4361)

Albert E. Dutrieuille Catering. Records, 1873-1975 (MSS052 and PG036)

Albertype Company. Photographs, 1910-1950 (Collection V18A)

Albertype Company. Photographs, 1910-1952 (Collection V18)

Albrecht, Otto. Papers, 1860, 1928, n.d. (SC176)

Alibone, Joseph. Diary, 1772 (Am .00607)

Allen family. Papers, 1837-1971 (Collection 3126)

Allen family. Papers, 1908-1988 (SC235 and PG289)

Alliance Française de Philadelphie. Records, 1903-1990 (Collection 3165)

Alyce Hovsepian Gordon Armenian-Americans collection, 1969-2005 (Collection 3686)

American Association of Teachers of German. Records, 1969-1981 (Collection 3022)

American Friends Service Committee, Clothing Committee. Japanese American Relocation Center's card files, 1943-1945 (MSS065)

American Institute for Italian Culture. Records, 1957-1983 (Collection 3027)

American Latvian Association in the United States. Records, 1949-1973 (MSS023)

American Relief for Poland, Philadelphia Chapter. Records, 1929-1965 (MSS005 and PG111)

American Society for Testing Materials records, 1902-1916, 1922 (Collection 3574)

American Turners, Wilmington. Records, 1880-1965 (MSS172)

Arthur Colen collection of Joseph Boggs Beale papers, 1856-circa 1973 (Collection 2007)

Ashbridge, Samuel H. Letters, 1899-1900 (Collection 3169)

Associate Polish Home of Philadelphia. Records, 1922, 1944-1951 (MSS135)

Asylum Company. Papers, 1773-1851 (Collection 21)

Atherton, Humphrey. Papers, 1788-1845 (Collection 1976)

Atiyeh, Wadeeha. Papers, 1931-1979 (MSS009 and PG006)

Atlantis, National Greek Daily Newspaper. Records, 1894-1973 (MSS043)

Baker, Edward J. Letters, 1918-1925 (Collection 3665)

Balch Institute. Ethnic images in advertising collection, 1891-1999 (Collection 3238)

Balch Institute. Jewish greeting cards collection, circa 1986-circa 1992 (Collection 3140)

Balch Institute. Political ephemera collection, 1941-1974 (Collection 3472)

Balch Institute. Sheet music collection, 1824-1966 (Collection 3141)

Balch family. Papers, 1755-1963 (Collection 3058)

Baldwin Locomotive Works. Records, 1825-1869 (Collection 1485)

Ball families. Papers, 1672-1917 (Collection 28)

Bank of North America. Records, 1694-1939 (Collection 1543)

Barker family. Papers, 1821-1945 (Collection 2174)

Bartram family. Papers, 1684-circa 1935 (Collection 36)

Batcheler, Hartshorne, and Sahlin families. Papers, 1798-2007 (Collection 3173)

Beatty J. Smith collection of Smith family papers, 1769-1989 (Collection 3502)

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