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Constitutions at HSP

Among the 21 million items at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania are some of the rarest and most important documents from the Constitutional Convention, including the first and second handwritten drafts and early printings. Now, with the sale of a private collector's rare printing of the Constitution making headlines, it reminds us why institutions like the Historical Society of Pennsylvania are critical to preserving and protecting our nation’s history.  

Read President & CEO David R. Brigham’s thoughts on the sale of the Constitution here

Former Pennsylvania Representative Charlie Dent comments on the sale

Senior Director of the Library and COO Lee Arnold Discusses the Importance and Significance of Historical Documents

Director of Conservation Tara O'Brien talks about Preserving Historical Documents for Decades to Come

Watch: Lee Arnold discusses the Constitution with 6ABC

Watch: Lee Arnold and Tara O'Brien discuss the Constitution and Importance of Preserving Historical Documents

Watch: An overview of the Constitutions in HSP's Collection

View: A Photo Gallery of Versions of the Constitution in HSP's Collection

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