Version History

Version 0.1 - 2020-04-20

  • Initial release

  • Pages: Home, Resources (proto Landing page), Education (proto Basic page)

  • Basic Gold/Blue color palate

  • Temporary styles – fonts, colors

Version 0.2 - 2020-04-21

  • Add Version History page

  • Add E-NEWS signup button in footer and rearrange footer

  • Standardize header styles on pattern pages

  • Fonts set to Proxima Nova (heads) and Coromont Garamond (body) to open discussion

Version 0.3 - 2020-04-22

  • The Home page now has a simple white background. Suggestions for color or image backgrounds are welcome. I placed sample images into the slots on this page. But when it came time to fill the Gallery with images of News and Events, I couldn't find any.

  • There is a new (hidden) folder of pages called Templates, where template versions of a Landing page and a Basic page.

  • The Resources and Education pages are now created from the Landing Page template.

Version 0.4 - 2020-04-23

  • On the Home page, the title is now "Historical Society of Pennsylvania" in the font from the logo - Romana BT.

  • The header now contains Login and Donate buttons - only on the home page.

  • The gallery, which contained stock images, is now replaced with an interior and exterior image of HSP.

  • The tiles for Teachers, Students, and Researchers is now reformatted.

  • The heading font is now Enriquetta; the paragraph font is now Avenir Light.

  • A new light gray background color bows in the footer. Most page backgrounds are now white.

Version 0.5 - 2020-04-28her

  • There is a new template page "Index Page."

  • There is a new Unit Plans page, which is an index page of Unit Plans.

  • On the Education page, the link to Unit Plans is now live.

Version 0.6 - 2020-04-30her

  • Under the "Resource" menu, the Resources, Education, For Researchers, and Genealogy pages are available for review. Many of the images are of poor quality (and need improvement).

  • Under the "About Us" menu, the "Staff" page is available for review.

Version 0.7 - 2020-05-04her

  • First drafts of the About Us and Visit pages are released. The About Us and Visit pages themselves are not yet released.

Version 0.8 - 2020-05-12er

  • The Collections, Visit, and About Us landing pages are released.

  • Second level page For Teachers and Publications are released.

  • A new Search menu item opens a page with paths to "Become A Friend," "Donate," and "Shop" functions.


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