InterLibrary Loan Service

Friends of HSP at the Contributor level and above have the option of requesting research materials from other libraries through our InterLibrary Loan (ILL) service. This service enables Friends of HSP to spend less time traveling between institutions and more time researching. Not only will HSP’s entire collection of over 21 million documents be accessible for study, Friends of HSP may request materials from all over the country. Make the most of your visit, and join or upgrade to our Contributor level today!

Requests should be e-mailed to the development office at Please note that processing will take a minimum of 3 business days.

All material borrowed from lending libraries must be used on site at HSP and conform to both HSP rules for use, as well as rules required by the lending library. HSP will absorb any ILL fees up to $20 per transaction and any fees above that amount will be paid by the requester.



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